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EDM: The Elements

Come move with us on 27th April with the creator of Embodied Dance Movemement, Daniel *Sonic* Rojas!

Join us with creator of Embodied Dance Movement (EDM), Daniel *Sonic* Rojas, for a special 2-hour workshop in Singapore, in which we will explore the deeper layers of our human form through movement and the Five Elements. EDM brings together different movement cultures including dance, martial arts, yoga and physical conditioning, as well as musicality and emotions. EDM is a mindful movement methodology created by Daniel Sonic Rojas from an accumulation of more than 25 years experience as a professional dancer and movement enthusiast, and developed through intense self practice and a deepening journey of experiencing movement in a holistic way. EDM specializes in the foundational understanding of body mechanics so that one can find the rhythm in all movements. Through its integrative approach, EDM dissolves the boundaries between movement cultures with the aim of deepening body awareness, connecting to feeling and developing an intelligent self practice of conscious movement as a foundation for all movers.