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2nd Annual Back to Source, 5D/4N Embodiment Retreat with Gwyn Williams and Daniel *Sonic* Rojas

2nd Annual Back to Source with Gwyn Williams and Daniel *Sonic* Rojas

As last year’s training was such a success, we expanded for an additional night this time and could not be more excited to immerse ourselves in Bali with you, under the wings of two incredible Movement Masters. Join Gwyn Williams and Daniel *Sonic* Rojas for this exceptional five day intensive circulating around the Five Elements through their original art forms of ZenThai Shiatsu and Embodied Dance Movement, set amongst the beauty of East Coast Bali at Shanti Agung. All inclusive of high vibe meals, accommodation and an extensive programme of bodywork, yoga, chi gong, conscious movement and more.

. Embrace our innate connection 
. Yoga, Bodywork, Embodied Movement, Chi Gung
´ Develop a healing touch
´ Ceremony to Align
´ Discover the rich tapestry of the 5-Elements
. Be part of a simple village culture
. Empty the old to recreate again
´ Be a part of a heart full conscious community

6 - 10 April 2019
Location: Shanti Agung, Pantai Jasri, East Coast Bali
Cost: AU $700, includes twin share accommodation and meals

Gwyn Williams,

As the founder of Zenthai Shiatsu, Gwyn Williams has spent over 15 years effectively combining Traditional Chinese Medicine with Yoga asana, creating a unique modality which weaves through his therapuetic and movement teachings. Zenthai Shiatsu's fusion also includes elements of Zen Shiatsu, Thai massage and osteopathic technique - a rich practice, communing upon the foundation of Thich Nhat Hanh's "when you touch something with deep awareness, you touch everything".

DANIEL SONIC ROJAS has been dancing & performing for more than 25 years, and is known around the world for his movement creativity and dance mastery. He shares worldwide his own art form 'Embodied Dance Movement (EDM)', a multi-level movement methodology that gives individuals a unique way of expressing themselves, connecting to feeling, deepening body awareness and ultimately self healing, through conscious movement.