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EDM October Series

If you are in Singapore this October, join Daniel for a 3-weeks Tuesday series of Embodied Dance Movement. This series is for anyone curious to understand the functionality of their own body. Each week a different concept of Embodied Dance Movement will be shared, journeying through Animan, Therapeutics and Spirit Realm. Come to any or all of the classes; beginners and advanced movement practitioners are welcome.

Embodied Dance Movement is a unique methodology created by Daniel *Sonic* Rojas from an accumulation of more than 25 years experience as a professional dancer and movement enthusiast, through intense self practice and a deepening journey of experiencing movement in a holistic way. EDM integrates strength, flexibility, mobility, coordination and feeling, through isolations, animalistic work, conditioning, embodiment of emotion, original techniques and partner work. As a multi-level movement methodology, EDM is appropriate for all levels from beginner to professional.

Tuesdays, 15, 22, 29 October 2019

Dance on Us, 8 Claymore Hill Road


7:15pm - 8:45pm

$40 drop in or $120 for all 3

Please register to


Animan is a specially formulated modality developed by Daniel *Sonic* Rojas from decades of personal practice that takes a wholistic approach to creating strength, flexibility, mobility, coordination, balance and alignment in the body. This dynamic practice uses locomotive and mobility training and animalistic movements to develop an intelligent form of conditioning for the body and mind. Working from the inside out, Animan gives important emphasis to embodying the quality of animalistic movements as a means of going beyond mechanics and connecting more deeply to mobility and muscular function, targeting the whole body. Animan is a complete physical conditioning training that works with progressive exercises, unique flows, and creative animalistic movements in order to move with grace, confidence and totality.


This unique workshop includes a somatic experience using an interplay of gentle movements and stretches, yoga, meridian knowledge and bioenergetics to open and align the physical and energetic forms. From 25 years as a professional dancer / movement enthusiast, combined with years of a dedicated yoga practice, as well as 400 hours of certification in teaching yoga, Daniel created this workshop to specifically support the body and mind of movement practitioners. EDM: Therapeutics is a synthesis of the most effective bioenergetic practices from Daniel's movement career, offered as a meditative flow between physical postures, stretches, energetic movements, self massage, and embodiment practices as a means of healing the body and mind. Expect to feel aligned, whole and energised. Open to all levels of practitioners.


In this deep dive session, you will experience the exploration of your spirit body through movement - the way in which we communicate non verbally, developing trust within ourselves and our environment, and circulating between giving and receiving. This session will use partner work, original movement forms and martial arts-inspired contact improvisation


DANIEL *SONIC* ROJAS has been dancing & performing for more than 25 years, and is known around the world for his movement creativity and dance mastery. His rich experience includes several World, European and Scandinavian Championships in breakdance, touring for nearly 20 years with reputable, contemporary dance companies in Europe, performing in world acclaimed theatre productions, dancing for Queens, Kings and Presidents, and inspiring millions to dance through his performances, competitions, workshops and life story. Combining his Latin roots and his experiential journey of many years as a dedicated movement practitioner, Daniel has created his own art form, Embodied Dance Movement (EDM). EDM is a multi-level movement methodology that dissolves the boundaries between different movement cultures with the aim of giving individuals a unique way of expressing themselves, deepening body awareness, connecting to feeling and developing an intelligent self practice of conscious movement. Daniel shares EDM worldwide, including at many popular festivals and dance academies, as well as continues to perform, compete and judge international events and to share private sessions and immersions. For more, visit WWW.DANIELSONICROJAS.COM