A MODALITY to explore feeling through movement & embodiment 



“A creative art form, Embodied Dance Movement brings together different movement cultures including dance, martial arts, yoga and physical conditioning, as well as musicality and emotions. Expect transformation from this practice, which will leave you with a deeper understanding of your human form and better alignment of your physical faculties.”



Photographer:  Pippa Samaya

Photographer: Pippa Samaya

Embodied Dance Movement (EDM) is a unique, multi-layered movement methodology created by Daniel *Sonic* Rojas from an accumulation of more than 25 years experience as a professional dancer and movement enthusiast, created through intense self practice and a deepening journey of experiencing movement in a holistic way. Drawing from personal, channeled dance energy and inspiration from qi gong, martial arts, yoga, calisthenics, breakdance, active meditations and more, this experiential & intuitive art form brings together different forms of movement, musicality and emotions, as a means to inspire greater understanding of the human form and potential. 

Whether you are professional dancer or not, this art form not only shows you how to be creative within your own technique, but how to go beyond technique, using the least amount of energy, opening the mind to creativity and the body to feeling. To practice EDM, one simply needs to be free of boundaries related to movement and willing to integrate their own movement based practices into a dynamic journey of physical & energetic healing. EDM is a powerful practice that invites free movement within the whole body, aligns energy centres and allows the practitioner to feel inspired, open & energised, and at the deepest level, it becomes a healing modality, an understanding, a personal experience.


Embodied Dance Movement has many levels and sub styles, contributing to its rich, extensive and profound capacity as a unique movement methodology. Also adding to its immense accessibility, Embodied Dance Movement can be offered across multi levels of practitioners from professional dancers to non-dancers, across age groups, movement disciplines, as team building events, for dance academies and festivals.


* EDM: Journey - an introductory workshop with a sampling of concepts

* EDM: FitFlow - mobility, strength and flexibility, creative calisthenics

* EDM: Open - opening the body, warming up, preparing for performances, preventing injury

* EDM: Ground - how to incorporate floor work into movement

* EDM: Express - embodiment of emotion through movement

* EDM: Align - bioenergetic flows between movement and stillness to align and balance the physical and energetic forms

All workshops can be tailored to the participants level and movement background, from professional to beginner.


Who is EDM for? Public (non-dancers), High Level Dance / Theatre Professionals, Bboys / Hip Hop / Breakdance, Couples, Yogis, Movement Camps, School Programmes, Fitness Enthusiasts, Festivals, Multi-Day Immersions, Adjunct Facilitation on Retreats / Trainings



Professional Dancer, Movement Specialist, High Vibration Guide

DANIEL "SONIC" ROJAS has been dancing & performing for more than 25 years, and is known around the world for his creative movements and dance mastery. His rich experience includes several World, European and Scandinavian Championships in breakdance, touring for nearly 20 years with reputable, contemporary dance companies in Europe, performing in world acclaimed theatre productions, dancing for Queens, Kings and Presidents, and inspiring millions to dance through his performances, battles, workshops and life story.

Combining his Latin roots and his experiential journey of many years as a dedicated movement practitioner, Daniel has created his own art form, 'Embodied Dance Movement' (formally known as Contemporary-Break). This unique form has been recognised by the University of Science of Sports and Anatomy in Cologne, Germany, as one of the most complete movement art forms offered internationally. 

Embodied Dance Movement (EDM), a multi-level movement methodology, dissolves the boundaries between different movement cultures with the aim of giving individuals a unique way of expressing themselves, connecting to feeling through movement, deepening body awareness and ultimately self-healing. Daniel shares Embodied Dance Movement worldwide, including at many dance academies and popular festivals, as well as continues to perform, battle and judge international events and to share private sessions & trainings.


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  • Daniel currently works and tours with PIVOT DANCE COMPANY (2001 – current), and has performed in many performances, including at the Danish Royal State Visit in Russia, Greece, Vietnam and China

  • Performing as lead role in Steen Koerner's H.C. Anderson Production, China Tour, July 2018

  • Performed, 7 years, as the Nutcracker in Steen Koerner's modern version of the Nutcracker Ballet (Aveny-T, Tivoli Concert Hall & Århus Teater, Denmark), 2001 - 2006, 2016

  • Performed in the World Resorts Sentosa Chinese New Year Exhibition at the Singapore Marina Bay Sands Casino, an Evening for the High Rollers, Feb 2015, Singapore

  • Performed as the Forbryder in Julemand og den Farlige Forbryder at Holbæk Theater+Denmark Tour, 2012

  • Performed as Harlequin in Kassander Loves Dollars at The Pantomime Theater in Tivoli, Denmark, 2011, 2012

  • Performed as The Emperor in The Nightingale, as The Queen in Princess and the Pea, and as one of the Swans in the Ugly Duckling in Steen Koerner's interpretation of H.C. Andersen Fairtytales at Tivoli Concert Hall, Denmark, 2013

  • Performed in the Notre-Dam de Paris Musical at the Dominium Theater in London (2001) and Italian tour, 2001 – 2002

  • Performed in Universe, Upercut Dance Theater Denmark Tour, 2009

  • Performed in the Jungle Book at the Nørrebro Teater, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2010

  • Performed in Robin in the Hood at the Nørrebro Teater and Vejle Musik Teater, Denmark, 2012

  • For 6 years (2006 – 2012), Daniel toured internationally with the Contemporary Dance Company ''Next Zone'', being part of the performances:

    • Symphony in Slang in Copenhagen and in La Villette Paris, France.
    • Hero anti Hero at the Royal Danish Theater/Stærekassen.
    • Ritual (National Museet) Danmark, Sweden, Greenland, Finland, Iceland and Montreal-Canada.
    • Tribe/Ritual#3 at The Royal Danish Theater/Stærekassen, Faroe Islands Tour and La Villette Paris, France
  • Daniel has danced for the Queen of Denmark and the Royal Family several of times:
    • Queen of Denmark's 60th Birthday Party
    • Prince Henrik’s 80th Birthday Party
    • Princess Alexander's Wedding Party and her son’s Confirmation Party


  • European Champion, Ultimate Bboy Sessions, European Finals, 1998
  • First Prize, Best Bboy, Scandinavian Championships, 1998
  • World Bboy Champion, World Bboy Finals UK Championship, London, 2001
  • Scenen Er Din (The Stage is Yours), Talent Show Champion, 2004, Denmark
  • 4th Place, Red Bull BC1, Switzerland, 2004
  • 2nd Place, IBE, 7-to-Smoke, Holland, 2014


  • Red Bull Elite Dancer and International Judge, 2004 - 2014
  • Breakdance / All Styles Judge, International Battles & Ciphers, Championships, Worldwide (2005 - present)


  • Teaching Embodied Dance Movement (Contemporary Break) and sub styles, internationally since 2010, worldwide
  • Teaching Parkour for children and adults, Superfly Monkey Dragons, Singapore, 2014 - present
  • Teaching weekly Yoga for Dancers, at Savery Academy, Denmark (2014)


  • 200 Hr Hatha Hot Yoga Instructor Training, Absolute Yoga Academy, Koh Samui Island Thailand, 2013
  • 200 Hr Universal Yoga Instructor Training with Master Andrey Lappa, Pure Yoga, Singapore, 2014
  • Raw Food Chef Certification, Level 1, 18 Dec 2014 – 1 Jan 2015, The Seeds of Life, Ubud, Bali




Embodied Dance Movement has many levels and sub styles, contributing to its rich, extensive and profound capacity as a unique movement methodology. Adding to its immense accessibility, EDM can be offered across multi levels of practitioners from professional dancers to non-dancers, across age groups, movement disciplines, as team building events, for dance academies and festivals.

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List of Photographers - Acknowledgments

Pippa Samaya  -  Axel Hebenstreit  -  Shawn Danker



"Daniels´ humble manner and simplicity in guidance through Embodied Dance, made us all feel comfortable and joyful - waking up our souls to dance with the rhythms of the music. His guidance created a safe environment to feel free in and to just stay in ones own space and vibration. An empowering and vivifying way to transform tension into flowing energy." - Wivi-Anne Nyberg
"I loved how Daniel encouraged us to connect with the brave and vivacious inner child, and let it float with joy through Embodied Dance. Daniel's deconstruction of complex dance into simple moves made it possible for each of us to follow and make the dance our own. That was deeply empowering and liberating!" - Maria Kassova
"Daniel and his Embodied Dance … How to describe best this man's unique teaching technique. You can't... It must be experienced ... and it must be felt ... To say that it is an out-of-body experience is an understatement - it's a change in your perception of life and the way you live it ... His body composition and his mixture of the five elements of earth, fire, air, water and the secret ingredient, himself, that he uses in his teaching is revolutionizing ... Give your body and soul some pampering ... you won’t regret it !!!! - Jesper Kryger, Creative Director & Choreographer



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